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EXEC offers Built to Suit Projects on a Turnkey basis, targeting the corporate offices market.
We offer site search, lease and sub-lease, investment in infrastructure, all projects for their approval and Global Contract Management.


1.EXEC can attend minimum office areas from approx. 100 m² or 12 workstations on.
2.EXEC can fund (CAPEX) of the complete infrastructure for the office installations.
3.EXEC offers Facility Management support after the office occupation.


Once site location and all lease paper work approved and signed:
a.Client's Style Manuals recommendations and other specifications will be used to develop project guide lines
b.Hire all project Execution/Working drawings and start project preparation of all necessary fit out details, including translation of the Final Design Drawings into Execution/Working drawings
c.Define and approve furniture, carpeting, partitions and other special office equipment as soon as possible
d.Present Execution/Working drawings for approval process with Land Lord
e.Carpeting, furniture and partitions need to be ordered as soon as possible, since delivery time is crucial
f.After LL approval, our service contractor partners start night shifts to prepare fit-out works (supply/transport of material to site floor)
g.Electrician and cabling contractors start laying out infrastructure for their cabling and wiring circuitry, under raised floor, above floor and on ceiling levels
h.Less noisy activities can be started during day shifts
i.After drywall installation and other equipment supply, electrician and cabling contractor start wiring all planned circuitry
j.Wood work starts
k.Overall painting starts
l.Carpeting can start
m.Partitions are put in place and overall cleaning begins,
n.Finally, all furniture is received and supplier starts assembly
o.Electrician and cabling contractor step in to start wiring all tables and desks
p.Final testing and adjustments
q.Moving in starts
r.Key hand over


A. EXEC as Global Contract Manager;
a.Close contact with client
b.Issues cost control spread sheets
c.Issues service contracts
d.Issues payment approvals for
e.Controls reception on site of main acquisitions; equipment, furniture, partitions, carpeting etc
B - EXEC hires and manages all suppliers:
a.Architects issuing ART
b.Engineering companies, issuing ART
d.material suppliers
e.condominium personnel
f.Land Lord
C - All hiring and acquisitions procedures are in name of client as well as payment obligations

D - On finalization, all documentation as well “as built” drawings are handed over together with Receiving Protocol and entrance keys.


a.Depending on carpet choice and availability, delivery time up to 90 days
b.Furniture delivery at least 35 days
c.Around 60% of fit-out job occurs during limited night shifts (between 20 hrs. until 07 hrs.)
d.Land Lord approval procedures can take up to 30 days
e.Foresee electronic security needs to be integrated in the project regarding to preparation of necessary infrastructure and local availability; CFTV, recorders, door locks, hinges, automation etc
f.Voice&Data carriers are slow in attending clients, at times, very slow
g.Imported IT equipment can also be very slow to arrive after ordering